In a move that is sure to upset everyone from Barbie traditionalists to those who make picket signs about gender roles and unrealistic body images, Sony and Mattel are teaming up to bring us a live-action franchise based on everyone's favorite female ideal, Barbie.

While the property will still have Barbie trouncing around in dream cars and dream houses, in an effort to convey the sense of female empowerment, Barbie will enter people's lives, then help improve them.

Yikes. I'm not sure that's a big improvement over what people were originally complaining about, but sure, why not? Everyone would get behind a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Barbie Movie. Or maybe no one would.

Personally I would like to see her and Ken on the last legs of their relationship a la Blue Valentine, but I understand after years of unsuccessful movie pitches that not everyone wants what I want.