Mattel, having made the artistic decision to move forward with the live-action film franchise Max Steel, which has nothing to do with either Real Steel or Max Payne, has decided to remove Taylor Lautner from the project. Lautner had been attached since as early as 2009, but the fact that his post-Twilight career has been weak (Abduction?) and other films made by another guy named Taylor (Battleship, John Carter) didn't do very well, then there's the whole matter of Taylor Swift, whose career is still thriving, but, let's face it, there's an expiration date on all those faux-empowering breakup songs, means that the producers of Max Steel would probably be better served going after most anyone else.

Because he looks like a chipmunk, and chipmunks don't do well at the box office.

With one wildly notable exception: