Put a stake in them. They're done. With vampires being so over, now all the awkwar high school kids who fight with their dads are going to begin dressing as Frankensteins in order to get laid. With a multitude of Frankenstein-themed projects in development, Let Me In director Matt Reeves is also getting in on the fun. Summit has tapped him to direct This Dark Endeavor from a script by Mean Creek's Jacob Estes.

Based on the novel by Kenneth Oppel, the story begins when Victor Frankenstein's twin brother Konrad falls ill. So, the doctor attempts to conjure the Elixir Of Life, a serum that will bestow perpetual health. Finding the ingredients requires a dangerous adventure, so Frankenstein of course brings along the woman he secretly loves. What better way to show a girl you like her than by putting her in harm's way? She then falls for the ailing brother Konrad and things get awkward from there. But not quite as awkward as when Frankenstein builds a monster out of dead bodies. Jeez, what a spazz. (Deadline)