Whale parkour is the new kite-boarding.

A trainer was killed this past Wednesday at Orlando, Florida's Sea World in the jaws of Tilikum, the oldest and largest killer whale in captivity. It should also be known that Tilikum has two priors. From the NY Daily News:

Tilikum, whose name means "friend" in the Native American language Chinook, has killed before - always unwittingly.

In 1991, a marine biology student and part-time trainer fell into his tank in Canada and was dragged under by Tilikum. The whale and two females blocked her from getting out of the pool and tossed her back and forth in the air between them like a toy.

In 1999, there was a case so bizarre it made headlines around the world: A man sneaked into Tilikum's pool at SeaWorld and his naked corpse was found the next day splayed on the whale's back.

Wow. Is the soul of a reincarnated killer trapped in that whale's body?

Actor Matt Damon makes this article film-relevant by joining the campaign to close Sea World down in the light of this tragedy. He tells Entertainment Tonight:

"I think they should just shut them all down. I've never been a fan of places like that."

Meh, put all those hard working people on the street. Matt Damon's never been a fan.

At any rate, it's unclear what the future holds for Tilikut but the Syfy Channel's Original Movies Department is said to be interested in the whale's talents. Very interested. (via NY Daily News and IMDB)