Having not properly weighed the long-term costs of buying a zoo, Matt Damon is in need of some serious cash and he'll earn it the best way he knows how -- running around Prague and breaking bad guy necks. It's reported that Damon is in talks to return to the Bourne franchise even though Jeremy Renner did a surprisingly good job keeping his seat warm.

If Damon does return, he won't do so without director Paul Greengrass, evoking the code of Bros Before Shows. By the tenets of Hollywood Wingman Law, Universal is obligated to also enter talks with Greengrass.

This doesn't mean that Renner is left out in the cold as his character has already been promised a sequel, "with potential crossover/merger of the characters' stories to be sorted out if and when Damon signs back up." What this tells me is that they're thinking of the fans and genuinely care. At least enough so to grant them the passing of the baton that the Teen Wolf franchise never received. (Twitch)