There have been suspicions about John Travolta's sexuality for years. Now, he's being sued for masturbating in some guy's face or something.

A male masseuse is suing Travolta for $2 million after the actor allegedly tried to have sex with him. When those efforts were rebuffed, Travolta tried to feel the guys penis and masturbated in front of him. Details of the suit from Daily Mail:
The lawsuit includes explicit details of the alleged encounter which is said to have occurred after the actor responded anonymously to an online ad for $200 an hour appointment.
The masseur claims he was instructed to meet with the actor in a black Lexus SUV.
Travolta, who allegedly had Trojan condoms in the console of the car, is then said to have driven to the Beverly Hills Hotel and entered Travolta’s bungalow.
The suit claims Travolta stripped naked and appeared aroused (then) began rubbing the masseur’s leg an hour into the session, then touched his scrotum and his penis.
The masseur claims when he told Travolta he did not have sex with clients, the actor offered to do a ‘reverse massage.’
The suit claims Travolta then masturbated.

What's unclear to me is how Travolta had access to the masseur's scrotum and penis. Is he a naked masseur? If so, that sends a certain message. At any rate, I can't help but feel bad for the masseur. Asking a massage professional for sex really undercuts the services they provide. It would be like asking Travolta to do the Vinnie Barbarino voice.

And yes, this article is a bit more gossipy than we tend to get around here but I post for good reason. In matters like these, it's important that we consider all angles and not impugn the accused without verifiable evidence. If you ask me, this sounds much more like the work of Nicolas Cage wearing Travolta's face.

It actually makes a lot of sense when you don't think about it.