Marvel's colorful characters are the hottest commodity in Hollywood right now, and according to a deal extension between Paramount and the comic book giant, we're going to have plenty of superhero movies to keep us busy for the next couple of summers.

Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Thor, which is going to be directed by Kenneth Branagh, will be released on July 16th, 2010.
  • Iron Man 2, with all of the important players from the first one, will hit the screen on May 7, 2010, at which point it will finally put the Chronicles of Narnia series out of its misery.
  • The First Avenger: Captain America, which has been the source of much speculation, is slated for May 6, 2011
  • The Avengers, possily starring Eva Longoria, will debut May 6, 2011

If all of those are nearly as big as everyone is expecting, the studio will be able to buy all the banks they want and save our economy. It's too bad they didn't put Aquaman on that list, starring Vinny Chase. With the way things have been going for him lately, he could use the work.