As the public consciousness has drifted further and further away from actual, physical comic books, the industry has had to become a bit more "dramatic" in the past few decades, relying on shocking developments to market and sell their wares.

So, while the film division of Marvel is rolling around in piles of money, the comic book division has resorted to killing off Wolverine for his 40th anniversary. Happy birthday, sir.

In the 3 Months to Die arc of the superhero, Wolverine will be robbed of his regenerative powers, having to go through life stupidly and vulnerably like the rest of us. At the end of the arc, he will presumably die. And while it's unsaid, I think the expectations of anyone who has been in the comic world before knows that this will result in a new version of Wolverine coming back in a year or so, to "fanfare."

Presumably, this will have absolutely no bearing on the films, as I doubt some Hollywood big shot is going to have some dude with crayons tell him what he can and can't make a movie about.

Goodbye, Wolverine. You'll be missed for the sixteen minutes you're actually gone.