We're a week away from San Diego Comic-Con 2014 and Marvel is already stealing the show by releasing the first official look at The Avengers: Age of Ultron titular android. From the looks of things, you won't even miss Loki.

As suspected, Ultron's origin has been adapted to fit better in the established cinematic universe that Marvel has been building. The robot that will kill us all is created when Tony Stark hatches a plan to outsource his superheroing so he and The Avengers can spend more time enjoying shawarma bro-hangs. However, you can't give a robot James Spader's voice and expect it not to start acting full-tilt creepy. In its pursuit to protect humanity, Ultron reasons that humanity needs to be wiped out. What a dense robot.

The Avengers must band together once again to take out this man-made threat. And, because it's Joss Whedon, presumably give Tony Stark a good ribbing too.