Deep within a top secret government installation on the moon - or at New York Comic-Con, whichever - head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige dropped some tantalizing info about future films in the Avengers franchise. The first, and probably most predictable, news is that the first sequel to come out after The Avengers will be Iron Man 3, written and directed by Shane Black who also did Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The plan is for there to be a "phase 2" of Avengers-related movies, which presumably means sequels to Captain America and Thor, along with possibly a few others. Ant-Man? Doctor Strange? Yet another movie featuring The Hulk? We'll just have to wait and see.

Also of interest is the news that those incredibly popular post-credits scenes are also going to continue. It wasn't clear if this means that The Avengers will feature a teaser for Iron Man 3, or something else entirely. It'll be nice to be surprised, right? Anyway, assuming The Avengers is the blockbuster everyone knows it will be, this will all culminate in a sequel to The Avengers, after which I'm sure they'll just pack everything up in the interest of maintaining a high standard of quality. Ha ha, just kidding. (