There seems to be a diversity memo flying around the Marvel comic book offices pretty quickly these days. Not only did the company announce that Thor will become a woman (in print for right now), but Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada took to The Colbert Report to announce that Captain America will be black, starting this fall.

How does a white character become black? Because this is the world of comic books, where anything can happen. But more specifically, it will happen in a storyline in which the original Cap'n, Steve Rogers, will be replaced by Sam Wilson, aka, The Falcon due to Rogers' weakening powers. Sam Wilson was played by Anthony Mackie in the most recent film adaptation, and would be a great Captain America, but so far this change is only being discussed in the comics themselves.

See? That was easy.

I guess the harder part will diversifying the bland names of the characters, and yes, I'm looking directly at "Peter Parker" as I say that.