Marvel continues having a tough time finding a director who wants to work on a movie about Paul Rudd talking to ants, but they've proven far more successful in bringing a movie about a neurosurgeon who is also a magician to the screen. Variety reports that writer-director Scott Derrickson will be the guy tasked with making this really weird film. To date, Derrickson has primarily worked in the horror genre on films like Sinister and The Exorcism of Emily Rose which tonally could work well for a Doctor Strange film. Now it's only a matter of convincing Keanu Reeves to wear a cape and they've got a go picture.

Though Marvel has not commented, Derrickson broke the news himself by tweeting a photo of himself peering up from an issue of the comic, with the message: "My next movie will be STRANGE." I infer that to mean that he will be directing Doctor Strange.