Good news for fans of director Martin Scorsese and his golden boy Leonardo DiCaprio. Every once in a while, Hollywood executives will get the idea to take an existing movie from the past and make the movie again with a different cast and crew. "Re-makes," as they're called, are a great way to build interest in a studio's product while simultaneously shining some light on a possibly obscure gem from years ago.

And the latest "re-make" to be announced, to be directed by none other than Scorsese and starring none other than DiCaprio, is of the 1974 film The Gambler, based on the novella by Fyodor Dostoevsky and starring James Caan. The movie deals with, you guessed it, a gambler - a professor with a gambling problem that has disastrous consequences on his personal and moral life. The screenplay will be from The Departed's William Monahan, so this appears to be a promising project all-around. No word yet on when this movie will actually get made, and since Scorsese has a lot on his plate it's reall up in the air. So place your bets now, gentlemen. (The Playlist)