Filmmaker extraordinaire Martin Scorsese has found the best thing to happen to him since he realized he could play old records over movie scenes and make them 10 times better: 3D. His latest movie, Hugo, was released in 3D, but that was just the opening salvo of what might become a Scorsese-blast in America's face. The children's fantasy/adventure of Hugo seems like an easy fit with 3D, but now Scorsese says he's considering doing his next project, a serious drama about " two 17th century Jesuit priests who face violence and persecution when they travel to Japan" in 3D. Whaaa?

As if that weren't enough, Scorsese put down his giant paddle-ball set and said he was also considering making his Frank Sinatra biopic in 3D. So clearly, Scorsese sees 3D as much more than a price-inflating gimmick. We'll have to wait and see if people will actually pay extra money to be "fully immersed" in a couple of silent monks and/or The Rat Pack. (The Playlist)