No stranger to award show snubs, Martin Scorsese is now being vocal on behalf of one of his snubbed actors. Blackie, the doberman from Hugo. Outraged that his canine star received zero nominations for the Golden Collar Awards whereas Uggie was nominated for both The Artist and Water For Elephants (total phoned-in performance btw), the director told the LA Times:
"OK, let's lay all our cards on the table. Jack Russell terriers are small and cute. Dobermans are enormous and -- handsome. More tellingly, Uggie plays a nice little mascot who does tricks and saves his master's life in one of the films, while Blackie gives an uncompromising performance as a ferocious guard dog who terrorizes children. I'm sure you can see what I'm driving at."

"I'm proud of Blackie, who laid it on the line and dared to risk the sympathy of her audience. Let's just say that on the set, she had a fitting nickname: Citizen Canine. The bath scene alone is a masterpiece of underplaying, with Blackie's wonderfully aquiline face accentuated by the 3-D."

He even points out that the snub could point to a deeper issue by calling the Golden Collar Awards out as being breedist.
"Russell terriers were bred in the 19th century for the purposes of fox hunting by an Englishman, the Rev. John Russell. Dobermans were bred by a German tax collector who was afraid of being bludgeoned to death by the citizenry."

However, Martin doesn't point out that Blackie also worked on Water For Elephants. In fact, that's his sole IMDB credit. How can a director boast about due credit when he can't even be bothered to credit Blackie for work in his own film? But back to Water For Elephants. Uggie was the featured dog in that film, making the audience sympathize with him in his bullied plight. Blackie was stuck once again, typecast as the silent enforcer. If he truly wants to break out of that crate, he'd better be more selective and take on a more challenging role. Like Mickey Rourke did with The Wrestler. Or perhaps something that requires skateboarding. Gotta play the game if you want to win is all I'm saying.