The eyes of the movie-going public are all over Jean Dujardin to see how he'll follow up his Oscar-winning performance in The Artist. Would he make his Hollywood debut as a handsome European villain, or go the less-traveled route and play a handsome European love interest, or a handsome European wacky best friend?  Well, the answer is here: He's going to be a handsome European banker in the upcoming Martin Scorsese picture The Wolf of Wall Street.

Dujardin will be joining Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Kyle Chandler as "a suave Swiss banker" who will handle launder money for the company owned by DiCaprio's character, the titular "wolf of Wall Street."

Some have commented on Dujardin's limited grasp of English, and asked the question of whether or not this will be an impediment to his performance in the movie. I say, European accents are awesome, so why would you complain? Shooting on The Wolf of Wall Street begins sometime this summer. (The Playlist)