Robert Zemeckis has directed some of my favorite movies of all-time. However, like a beloved uncle who hits the sauce too much, and won't admit he has a problem, Zemeckis has gotten drunk on motion capture technology. For the past decade, we've watched his glossy-eyed, creepy computer mannequins get all up in the uncanny valley. Now it looks like he might sober-up and stop putting actors into ping-pong ball suits.

Disney has canceled Zemeckis' latest motion capture project: a high-profile remake of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine. Yes, because the story is really the best part of Yellow Submarine, and it's a story that's just begging to be retold today. I'm sure there's some parallel between the bad economy and whatever it is that happens in the film, which I either sleep through, or don't remember because I get very high when watching it. Anyway, Disney harpooned Yellow Submarine because Zemeckis produced the epic flop Mars Needs Moms for the studio, which cost $150 million and only made $6.0 million this past weekend. Yikes.

It's been rumored that Zemeckis went back home to Montana to regroup. Hopefully he's thinking about live action again, and not how to revive the S.S. Motion Capture. (Hollywood Reporter)