Actor/director Mark Webber is gearing up to helm his second film, a touching love letter to the bond that exists between a father and son. In a move of classic Hollywood nepotism, he's casting his own two-year old son to star opposite him.

A few other actors have been cast in the Scott Pilgrim star's untitled film. Michael Cera, Amanda Seyfried, Shannyn Sossamon, and Jason Ritter will all appear as versions of their true selves in the film about a single dad raising his son after the mother's death. Webber says, “I’m getting them to show a real side of who they are and smash that up with people’s expectations of celebrity.”

Well, good luck getting them to respect your kid's work ethic, man. I mean, c'mon. Does he even have head shots? If he wants to make it in this town he needs to get his start mopping up porn sets. It's the rule. Porn sets. Cough syrup commercials. And then, if you're one of the lucky, an episode of "CSI." No line-cutting. (THR)