There's not a single part of that title that I don't love. Here's to hoping that Mark Wahlberg just found out about hacking like two weeks ago and has spent the interim on a tear, reading every tech-y script out there, and asking his guy at CAA if now is not a good time to remake Disclosure, then when is?

The project is untitled, but will probably end up being called something like Trojan Code, so let's just call it Trojan Code until it's released. The source material is an article from men's lifestyle mag GQ and can be found here.

Other guesses about the projects:

  • Wahlberg's character will either be named or fight someone named Cypher Phreak.

  • There will be at least twenty scenes that show hackers as really edgy members of a subculture who drink at a hacker bar and have very well-attended underground hacker competitions.

  • The antagonist (undoubtedly a corporate man) will be brought down thanks to the camaraderie and grassroots efforts of hundreds of hackers working together as though they were a brotherhood.

  • A maximum of one hacker will be fat and lethargic, and will be shown in a comedic light, and not a light that makes the audience feel sad that his health is in jeopardy and that's what's wrong with America these days.