UPDATED: Mark Wahlberg And Justin Bieber Finally Together

Wednesday, April 27 by

UPDATE: According to this Deadline piece, Marky Mark and Bieber will be teaming up in a film about street basketball that is described as The Color of Money meets The Karate Kid. Considering that Wahlberg came into his own in remarkably similar fashion in The Basketball Diaries, I would like to take this time to upgrade my prognosis of this film from “really bad” to “kinda decent-sounding.”

From earlier: In an interview with Vulture, Mark Wahlberg said a lot of things that really can’t be unsaid. He thinks Britney Spears is “talented” and should be in David O. Russell‘s movies, Justin Bieber is “really talented,” and he sings for his wife and kids when no one else is around.

Ok, that last one isn’t that awful, but it’s a pretty funny mental image, especially considering the last time I can remember him singing was in a recording booth with Chest Rockwell in Boogie Nights. Do you think his wife and kids fall asleep to “Feel My Heat?”

Whatever. It doesn’t matter. The bigger story here is the Bieber thing, which Wahlberg isn’t at liberty to discuss, beyond saying:

It’s interesting, right? You want to know. They’ll probably announce it. They may announce it fairly soon … kind of like a reluctant mentor in an inner-city environment. You know, I don’t want to say.

If  you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what inner-city creates a product with such wonderful hair as Justin Bieber. If I had to guess, I would venture inner-city Brussels, but it’s really too early to tell.

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