Actor/director/grinner Mark Ruffalo loves the ladies. And if that extends to a little paid strange, who's gonna call him on it? At least that might be the rationale for wanting a lead role in the upcoming Scott Rudin-produced "erotic drama" entitled Red Light Winter. Here's the plot synopsis, but it'll cost you, man:
"[T]two thirty-something New Yorkers who go to Amsterdam to rekindle their friendship and get away from the serious dramas in their lives (break-ups and illnesses), but a run-in with a Red Light district prostitute, alters their lives forever."

Sounds like a pretty intriguing premise, so it's no wonder that Ruffalo is interested in the part:
“Yes. I want to do it. They’re still putting that movie together, it’s based on a play, I think it was nominated for a Tony a couple of years ago, on Broadway."

Well, there you have it. So will it be too long before you're reading about Mark Ruffalo getting confirmed for Red Light Winter? That's up to him - if he can pay the price. Either way, there'll definitely be more pimp jokes! (The Playlist)