Mark Ruffalo And Tim Robbins Fall Victim To Sex Addiction

Thursday, May 12 by

It’s just like a Hollywood power player to achieve a modicum of success, then fall into the seedy world of sex addiction.

After receiving an Oscar nod for Best Original Screenplay for The Kids Are All Right, Stuart Blumberg has decided to make the leap to directing, taking with him Kids star Mark Ruffalo. Thanks for Sharing, a comedy about recovering sex addicts in NYC, will see Blumberg serve as writer-director for the first time in his career, which thus far has only had him serving as writer and producer.

Thanks for Sharing has also cast Tim Robbins in at unknown role, and will see Blumberg’s buddy Edward Norton serve as executive producer after Norton directed and starred in Keeping the Faith, based on Blumberg’s screenplay.

Both Robbins and Ruffalo seem to be good fits for Blumberg’s “comedy with heart”-type stories. While visualizing Mark Ruffalo as a sex addict is just sort of depressing, I’m pretty sure I would pay $14 just to hear Tim Robbins sit in front of the camera and discuss disgusting liaisons in graphic details, though it would help if he was portraying the ponytailed douchebag from High Fidelity. (THR)

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