In this era of superhero francises with solid pre-awareness and CG cartoons about talking animals and/or vehicles, who needs grubby old independent movies? That might be why billionaire Mark Cuban is putting indie film distribution company Magnolia Pictures and the big art house theater chain Landmark Theatres up for sale. It ain't the 90s anymore, amiright?

According to Cuban, he's "just testing the market" and that the two companies are "a great business" still, but if I'm trying to sell a used car, I don't tell potential buyers it's a total shit-heap. I tell them there's a lot of interest in the car, and surprise: Cuban is saying the same thing about Magnolia Pictures and Landmark Theaters.
"There are quite a few bidders interested, and that could be very good for us," according to Cuban. "We want to see how the market values the business. If it undervalues it, we won't sell."

I'm curious to know whether Cuban's hamburger phone is really ringing off the hook or not. (Hollywood Reporter)