Usually, news about a guy who’s made a career out of directing remakes is not very exciting; it’s kind of annoying.  The knock on them is obvious:  they're never as good as the source material, and they're usually flashy flicks that lack substance.

That's what makes this piece of news so darned interesting.  It was announced that Marcus Nispel, the guy who remade both The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the Thirteenth, is on board to direct a remake of Conan.  Yeah, it's a lackluster little bit of information but it's good news.  Why?  Because now we know Brett Ratner isn't touching the movie any more.

Variety has reported that at one point in time both the Wachowski Brothers (Siblings maybe? I don’t know, anymore) and Robert Rodriguez were being courted before Ratner (the former much more competent than the latter), it is still nice to know...

that anyone other than The Rat is doing a flick that could be potentially cool.  Nispel doesn’t seem like a masterful filmmaker or anything, but he’s got that little fact that he didn’t ruin the X-Men franchise going for him in my book.

Honestly, if Brett Ratner’s career was halted by an army of remake filmmakers, well, I’d be very pleased.  Even if Conan is awful, Nispel’s effort should be respected by all for ensuring Ratner did not make the movie.