The movie powers-that-be have decided "yeah, okay" the comic book series Hack/Slash can be adapted for the screen. Additionally, Marcus Nispel has given his "yeah, okay" when asked to direct. The director of Conan and Friday the 13th will add to his oeuvre of people getting things chopped off of them with the project adapted from Tim Seeley's comic.

Hack/Slash follows Cassie Hack, a young woman who survives a slasher's attack, and with her gigantic Jason-y-looking friend Vlad, goes on the hunt to kill all slasher movie archetypes. It's about time someone stepped in to do something about them. I'm sick and tired of our teens being impaled while humping or burned to death in sleeping bags.

People tend to be harsh toward Nispel's films (and stupid head coverings), but he does have a talent for creating some pretty gory sequences. As long as the script isn't totally dumbass, this shouldn't be that bad. Plus, it would be nice to see Jason Mears getting some work. (THR)