Mandy Moore To Co-Star With A Dark Presence

Tuesday, March 1 by

My favorite movie of 2010, Buried, had a very impressive script that subtly and brutally piled suspense on top of tension and repeated for the entirety of its running time. So I’m excited to report that the man responsible for that Buried‘s screenplay, Chris Sparling, wants to direct as well. Here’s some info on his latest project, and directorial debut:

“Sparling will direct Falling Slowly, which will star Mandy Moore and Rodrigo Santoro, a supernatural thriller about a couple whose apartment is haunted by a dark presence. “

I have to admit I’m a little bit disappointed. Given the fact that Sparling wrote Buried, I thought maybe Falling Slowly would be 90 minutes of Mandy Moore falling slowly, perhaps in an abandoned space station. Oh well, dark presences are cool too. (via The Playlist)

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