Malin Akerman’s Hosting A Swingers Party At A Cabin

Monday, March 7 by

UPDATE: ThePlaylist is reporting that Jim Sturgess is in fact NOT starring in this film. But who will cheat on Malin then?

Jim Sturgess and Malin Akerman are starring in a romance film of which the central theme is the satisfaction that can be found by cheating on your spouse. Wildwood Inn stars two couples who find out that they vacation at the same cabin and use that as some sort of impetus for wife-swapping. Well, maybe not, but the official word is that “they begin to explore relationships outside of their marriage via the cabin’s welcome journal.” Eh. My way will sell more tickets. No word on who will play the other male and female leads or if Sturgess and Akerman are an initial couple in the film.

If you haven’t heard of Sturgess before, then you must hate romance, as he starred in Across the Universe, and is slated to get dirty with Anne Hathaway and Kirsten Dunst in One Day and Upside Down, respectively.

The film will be the directorial debut from Christopher McDonald who is so well-known for playing Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore that it might as well be on his driver’s license. (Playlist)

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