Are you fan of Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, and Danny McBride but find it frustrating that you have no control over their thoughts and actions? Your problems are solved. The guys have This Is The End headed to theaters on June 12th and as a "thank you" to the fans, they've agreed to get weird with one another.

Your involvement is simple. Just visit the This Is The End Facebook page and give them a LIKE. The more likes that they receive, the more crazy stuff you can see them do. For instance, if the page gets 500K likes, Danny McBride will wax Seth Rogen's back (trust us, he's overdue);  650K likes will force Jay Baruchel and Danny McBride to eat the same spaghetti noodle like a couple of lovesick dogs;  and for 800K likes Seth Rogen will paint a (hopefully tasteful) nude portrait of James Franco.

So, get to it. There's hilarious male nudity out there just waiting for you! And remember to check back here as new videos are unlocked.


Enough of you liked the idea of Seth Rogen having his back waxed that Danny McBride is now bound by Internet law to have to do so. Just in time for swimsuit season.

*****UPDATE 2*****

Enough of you liked the idea of Jay and Danny sharing a romantic meal that the two went ahead and did it. Lady and the Tramp's got nothing on this.