Famous magic trickster Lance Burton is moving from the stage to the screen. He's working on what's being called an "indie magic film." He's about one third of the way done with the script, which he's writing with his beautiful writing assistant, juggler Michael Goudeau. Yep, the screenplay is being written by a magician and a juggler. This should end well. Here's Burton on the movie, presumably while holding an "I demand to be taken seriously" sign:
“Yes, it has lots of magic, but filmmaking has become a very interesting part of my life, having retired from the live magic performances. I still have the Gone Fishing sign up in a sense because the indie movie is the only thing so far I’ve wanted to do.”

Since the movie is in the very early stages, there's not a lot of info about it regarding plot, release date, or things like that. But there's magic in it, apparently, and perhaps some juggling. (via /Film)