Correct in assuming that the Magic Mike franchise can keep grinding away without him, Steven Soderbergh will not be returning to the sweaty, glittery spotlight, for Magic Mike XXL, which is what we're calling the sequel to the sort-of-liked 2012 film.

The new director will be Soderbergh's assistant director Greg Jacobs, who didn't want the job, but had all the right moves and needed the money. Shit, his name is gonna look good up on that marquee. I can see it now.

LITERAL beefcake Joe Mangianello spilled the beans that the movie will film in the fall, so if you could just oil my back and steam three chicken breasts for me, I'm gonna knock out one more set of jackknife situps, then I'll be right with you.

No word on whether McConaughey will be back to charm us all, but time's a flat circle, so don't rule it out.