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Whether you believe in The Madden Curse or roll your eyes at it, you have something new to roll your eyes at-- Madden Curse: The Movie. Every year a different player is featured on the cover of the Madden NFL video game. Then, much like Final Destination, that player is then subsequently befallen with a season or career ending injury. The records speak for themselves:

1999 - Running back Garrison Hearst - broken fibula

2000 - Running back Dorsey Levens - career-ending knee injury

2001 - Eddie George - started to suck

2002 - QB Dante Culpepper - season-ending knee injury

2003 - Marshall Faulk - ankle injury

2004 - QB Michael Vick - broken leg the day after the game was released

2005 - Ray Lewis - torn hamstring, broken wrist, thigh injury

2006 - QB Donovan McNabb - scoffed at curse, season-ending hernia

2007 - Shaun Alexander - broken foot

2008 - QB Vince Young - quadricep and knee injury

2009 - QB Brett Favre - died in tanning bed fire

2010 - Larry Fitzgerald - rib injury; Troy Polamalu - torn PCL

2011 - QB Drew Brees - so far unscathed, New Orleans has suffered enough

The film will reportedly center around "a former Madden video game champion who is forced out of retirement just as he finds himself on the corner of the game’s cover — and subject to the curse." I don't know if that refers to a football player who graced the cover, or a video game player that somehow ends up on the cover. Either way, my advice is to wear knee pads. It's the same advice I give your mom.  (The Wrap)