You probably recognize the name Madame Tussaud as the name behind wax museums that serve as tourist magnets in many major American cities. But it turns out that the real Madame Tussaud had a pretty interesting life as an art student around the time of the French Revolution. The wax museum connection comes from the fact that she was commissioned to make "death masks" of famous figures of the time like Marie Antoinette. She wasn't just an artist though -- she herself almost got the Antoinette treatment, coming so close to getting the guillotine that her head was shaved in preparation (this is also what happened to Sinead O'Connor).

No word on a director, but the script for Madame T is by Alessandro Camon and Bruno Ledoux. It will be interesting to see if any connection is made to the wax museums that made Tussaud famous - especially if they make it without it seeming chintzy and weird. Now if you'll pardon me I need to send some hilarious photos of me pretending to play golf with Tiger Woods to Hollywood - this is my chance to make it big! (CinemaBlend)