Sally Draper is a character that seems to be able to transcend people's feelings about Mad Men. She's a part of the show that everyone can seem to agree on, and that's largely due to the staggering talents of Kiernan Shipka, who plays her.

Shipka isn't a star yet by any stretch, so it makes sense that Lifetime has wrangled her to play the eldest child in Flowers in the Attic, a TV movie adaptation of the V.C. Andrews book in which four siblings are abused and locked away in the attic, then start to develop feelings for one another. Fun stuff, but not outside the realm of Shipka's abilities.

The film will also star Heather Graham as their absentee mom and Ellen Burstyn as their wicked grandmother.

It's nice to see Lifetime depart from their formulaic date rape movies, but this doesn't seem like a huge step forward. But...yay Shipka!