Mad Max 4: Animated & Mel-Free

Thursday, March 5 by

So, according to MTV, Aussie director George Miller, creator and director of all the Mad Max films has in the works a fourth animated installment of his post-apocalyptic series set in the outback.  When confronted with the question of whether Mel Gibson would be involved in any capacity, Miller responded with a rather P.C. "We’ll probably go a different route."

In Australian English, that means, "Mel Gibson is batshit crazy and you and I and everyone knows it now, so why in the sweet, sweet name of Outback Steakhouse would I even let him do voiceover work for me?  Have you seen What Women Want?"

Oh, George Miller.  You know you can’t get past Altavista Translator.

Miller also said he wanted the film to adopt an anime style: “It’s is an opportunity for me to shift a little bit… There’s going to be a hybrid anime where it shifts more towards Western sensibilities."

I think what he means there is that while the anime part requires that Mad Max fights a giant green monster with fourteen sentient penises, the Western part means that the monster will be available as a Happy Meal Toy when the movie hits.


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