M. Night Shyamalan Is Filming A Secret Movie…But There’s A Twist

Monday, March 24 by
No twist here. Just a dude in a chair.  

In what’s probably the best way for Mr. M. Night Shyamalan to produce and release his work, he’s taken to a secret production called Sundowning. Little is known about the production, because everyone knows that any plot details will be rendered moot in the late third act when the audiences realizes the haunting was IN HIS HEAD THIS WHOLE TIME!

Trite plot twists aside, one of my personal favorites, Kathryn Hahn, is starring in the film. Again, no details are known, but maybe it will be revealed that Kathryn Hahn is Molly Shannon.

Sundowning is being called a microfilm, which is probably what you have to call any M. Night Shyamalan film after seeing how his last four or so did at the box office. Nonetheless, he’s a good filmmaker when he’s on his game, and let’s hope the change in scope and this promising casting can turn the microfilm into a microfilm.

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