Luke Grimes, who you may or may not have seen in the under-released All the Boys Love Mandy Lane or the TV show Brothers & Sisters, has joined Taken 2, the sequel to the ass-kicking Liam Neeson vehicle, Taken. That sounds like an exciting role for the young actor. However, with this casting news also comes news of the film's plot.

Turns out this time that Liam Neeson himself will be taken by the vengeful dad of a bad guy from the original. That could be cool. And then he has to fight a bunch of bad guys and get himself untaken? Nope. Instead, it's now his daughter's turn to rescue him along with the help of her reluctant boyfriend (Grimes). What is this? Spy Kids? Let's hope for the best right now, but if Maggie Grace has to put in a call to that pop starlet character for some backup, I'm hucking my shoe at the screen. I may even bring extra shoes. (Variety)