When I first read that Luc Besson was filming a lady in secret, my gut reaction was, "Sicko! F*ckin' French, man. That lady should sue." Then I read up on it a little more and it turns out that The Lady is actually a film project he's working on.

Michelle Yeoh stars as Aung San Suu Kyi in the biopic about the Burmese opposition leader. Suu Kyi had spent nearly 15 years under house arrest in Burma until this past November. No stranger to controversy, Besson's secrecy is due to the delicate political situation that Suu Kyi is in. She could be rearrested at any time, and she's referred to only as "the Lady" in Burma because the Burmese military junta want to wipe all record of her from people's minds (much like Freddy Krueger and Beetlejuice).

The film will focus on the most bummerific aspect of Suu Kyi's life -- her decision to stay in Burma and fight the junta instead of traveling back to England to nurse her dying husband. Sounds like an inspirational and noble project which will hopefully be befitting of its brave and selfless subject. Regardless Michelle, just to be safe, don't accept any food or drink Luc offers you. A girl can never be too careful these days. (Deadline)