From Paris With Love is the title of legendary director Luc Besson’s film staring John Travolta about troubled youth living in French slums.  The film has reached some catastrophic problems having to do with shooting near troubled youth living in French Slums. 

Sometimes it’s not easy shooting on location. Here’s what the Daily Mail UK Reports:

Filming of a new John Travolta movie on a deprived Paris housing estate has been cancelled - after rioting youths torched ten of the production’s cars and threatened crew.

From Paris With Love' was meant to have highlighted social problems in the  grim suburbs which surround the French capital.

But within days of arrived in Les Bosquets, a high rise estate in Montfermeil,  in the notorious Seine-Saint-Denis north of the capital, violence broke out.

‘All ten of the vehicles set to be used in the film were burnt out and there were threats aimed at support crew,’ said a production spokesman.

See, this is what happens when you try to make a difference in the world. French kids wreck your set. I think that this bit of news is best told through the parable of The Old Woman And The Snake:

An old woman was walking down the road when she saw a gang of thugs beating a poisonous snake. She screamed at the thugs and rescued the snake, taking it back to her home where she nursed it back to health. The two became friends and lived together for many years.

One day on their way into town, the woman picked up the snake and he bit her repeatedly. “Oh God,” she screamed, “I am dying I am dying!” She turned to the snake and looked it in the eyes. “I saved your life. I was your friend. I trusted you. Why did you bite me?”

The snake turned to face her as she drew he final breath and hissed,

“Look bitch, you knew I was a Snake.

It is a shame though. Luc Besson is a good director and makes interesting films. But to put things in a positive light, I was just given another reason to make fun of the French.