You know how trailers often use phrases like, "from one of the producers of Lethal Weapon," or "from the 3rd Assistant Director of Alvin and the Chipmunks..." to trick audiences. Well, I seriously hope the trailer for the film Wrecking Ball, an in-development feature from director Beatrice Leterrier, begins like:

"From the wife of the guy who brought you Transporter 2..."

Beatrice Leterrier, wife of Clash of the Titans director Louis Leterrier, is set to direct a dramedy about a family who has to deal with "the awful memories of a tragic event that occurred 20 years ago." From that description, it doesn't sound like there will be as many gunfights, explosions and Hulks as her husbands' movies, so anyone going in looking for big action will surely be disappointed. However, Eva Mendes is attached to star, and that's something her husband's fanbase might enjoy.

Actually, although this is Mrs. Leterrier first feature, we're sure she's not depending on her husband that much at all. She's got a lot of directing experience from shooting commercials and videos in Europe. Of course, if the tragic event in the family's past is grandpa getting infected with a time-sensitive virus, we'll know whose note that was. (Collider)