Louis Leterrier To Direct Sci-Fi Movie ‘G’, Sesame Street Is Buzzing

Tuesday, February 22 by

You know what would have made the title X2 more memorable? If there was no number, just a letter. I don’t know about you, but if a movie has more than three letters in the title, they’ve already lost my $34. Luckily, Universal has come to the rescue.

Director Louis Leterrier (Clash of the Titans) will helm the upcoming sci-fi tentpole movie G. This is right after announcing he’d direct another movie that sounds ridiculous: Now You See Me, which is about bank robbing magicians. G is a sci-fi disaster movie that’s being compared to¬†The Day After Tomorrow. No other plot details are known, but my guess is it will be about nothin’ but a G-thang. Perhaps G-Force will make a cameo I am literally holding my breath right now, hoping that will happen.

The G-Team is currently on the lookout for screenwriters. (Hollywood Reporter)

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