Looks Like We’ll Be Spared Any ‘Jack Reacher’ Sequels

Tuesday, January 15 by
Hello, handsome.  

THR is reporting that Jack Reacher, which managed to gross $153 million domestically without anyone we know actually going to see it, hasn’t managed to impress studio execs enough to get a greenlight for a sequel. Despite a budget of $60 million, the studio set the bar at $250 million to get the Lee Childs-based film the rubber stamp that probably says “$EQUEL” or something like that. As it stands now, Jack Reacher is at $152.8 million, which means that it needs the Asian markets to go absolutely bitchcakes in order to put a sequel in the realm of possibility.

That said, if market is capable of going absolutely bitchcakes, it’s those Asians. Further, Tom Cruise is a huge draw in Japan, so don’t count him out yet, but given the tepid draw here in America, a lot of us might want to anyway.

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