I figured that your eyeballs didn't want to wait to see images from Tintin, Cabin In The Woods, and Fright Night 3D in motion. That's why I've collected these assorted stills from each film for you to pour over. Please hang onto this link so that you may share with future generations. And be sure to go to theaters to see these stills when they are presented in a moving picture format.

This new still from The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn shows the title character hard at work trying to locate Waldo. Did you check behind the ferris wheel ticket booth? He likes to hang out back there sometimes. (Anamatie)

After being shelved during MGM's financial shitsplosion, Cabin In The Woods, the self-referential take on slasher films written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, is finally ready to see the light of multiplexes. We don't know when Lionsgate plans to release the Chris Hemsworth-starring film, but we know that at least one frame of it exists. That's a good sign. (Bloody Disgusting)

[post-album postid="214929" item="6"]When a Fright Night remake was announced I kinda groaned and wondered why that particular tale needed to be told again. Then I saw the trailer and slapped myself a good one for ever having doubted it. I think it looks fantastic and early buzz from advanced screenings backs that up. Here are two new stills that show David Tennant in character as Peter Vincent, the Criss Angel-ized update of the character Roddy McDowall played in the original. You can tell he's fully-equipped to kill vampires because there's a decorative cross on his shotgun. Shotguns don't normally need those. (Shock Til You Drop)