Look At Children Looking At Stuff In New ‘Super 8′ Stills

Friday, April 22 by

These children are looking at something. But what? Because Super 8 is a J.J. Abrams movie, I’m gonna spend the next 10 hours studying these stills for clues. There’s bound to be a secret URL in there that goes to a website that says, “they’re totally looking at a Cloverfield.” Then I’ll post the findings on a message board, where I will debate trolls for a couple of days about whether or not my discovery was cool. *Adjusts Pocket Protector*

The Paramount movie is set to be released this June, and follows a group of kids who witness a train crash while filming a zombie movie… and watch an alien escape from the wreckage. Man, look at the mix of wonder and terror in their eyes in the night picture. This looks like an 80s kids movie, and I mean that in the best way possible. If this were made as a more modern movie about children, all three of those kids would have smirks on their faces and giant laser guns. Kid power sucks. (Cinema Blend)

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  1. April 22, 2011 6:06 pm


    Spoilers: There’s an interactive trailer in Portal 2.

    Yeah…that’s all I’ve got.

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