There was a rumor going around last month, possibly spread by the Norse God of Mischief himself, that Thor's brother/archenemy Loki would be the villain in the upcoming movie, The Avengers. This rumor, like all good rumors, made a lot of sense - comic readers know that Loki was the villain who cause The Avengers to form in the first place. But it turns out this probably isn't the case, at least according to Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in Thor. At the recent KAPOW convention in London, Hiddleston "strongly hinted" that Loki won't be the main villain of The Avengers, and also suggested he won't be appearing in the movie at all.

So now it's time to take part in the Internet's favorite pastime - mindless speculation. I'm mindlessly speculating that the villain in The Avengers will be ... Don Draper! They can do a storyline in which Draper discovers the secret to eternal youth that gives him superpowers, so it could still be set in the present day. Make this happen, Marvel. (The Daily Blam)