After years of rumors and false starts, Warner Bros. has finally given the official green light to a live-action remake of Akira. Does this news surprise or upset you? Do you even have any nerd-scorn left for the project? Don't worry. If you're a fan of the classic anime, there's enough going on with the remake to obsess about.

First, Jaume Collet-Serra is in the director's chair with production slated to begin early next year. He's the man behind House of Wax, The Orphan, and Unknown. That news gets me pretty riled up and I have no emotional connections to Akira. The next update is that,  based on his light-cycle experience, Garrett Hedlund is the favorite to zip around Neo-Manhattan in the lead role. I know how upset this must make you die-hards. Maybe you should go outside and get some air or a bialy. Treat yourself. (Variety)