Just as Nostradamus predicted, the Antichrist is upon us, and he is Craig Robinson (Hot Tub Time Machine was the first omen). Even worse, he's an executive producer, as well. The movie is called Rapturepalooza, and it's a comedy from Lionsgate set about a year after a Biblical apocalypse wipes half of the Earth's population away:
"Ben and Lindsey try to reestablishing their sandwich cart business. Beyond the occasional blood rainstorm and talking locusts that surface occasionally, the sandwich sellers have a new problem: the Anti-Christ (Robinson) decides he wants to take Lindsey as his bride."

This sounds a little like an indie-comedy version of Little Nicky, the Adam Sandler movie about the devil's son that featured Henry Winkler covered in bees. Still not that good though, so hopefully Rapturepalooza will be better.

No info on the rest of the cast yet - maybe some of the Phelps clan want to get into acting? (via Deadline)