While it may seem like this film was already produced, and you may feel that you have already seen it, and it was sorta funny, I assure you, this is new news. Lizzie Caplan.

The premise actually sounds a little more Pineapple Express than Knocked Up, which I guess makes sense, since it's go the guys from Pineapple Express in it. In the film, Franco and Rogen play Hollywood folk who get mixed up with Lizzie Caplan, who's a CIA agent on a mission.

(I first read the synopsis as "CAA" agent, which led me to think, a) "Oh, that makes sense," and b) "This movie sounds boring.")

I can't say that the movie won't be boring, but it sounds better than a film about two jerks trying to get a TV show on the air.

Rogen and Evan Goldberg are writing it, and Rogen is directing, yada yada yada...You know the drill here.