UPDATED: Lionsgate Vs. Megan Ellison: The War For Terminator’s Future

Friday, May 13 by

UPDATE: Megan Ellison won the war! Go, Megan Ellison!

Seems like The Terminator is always battling for the future. Now it’s time for Terminator to take a breather and let other folks battle over his future for a change. You earned it, big guy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has come back to the Terminator franchise — [Insert “I’ll Be Back” Joke] — and Fast Five direct Justin Lin is also attached. Interest is clearly heating up like a vat of molten steel, because Lionsgate has competition for buying the rights from hedge fund Pacificor: Megan Ellison. You may remember hearing about Ellison on this very website, because the wealthy heiress is financing tons of interesting projects, like Kathryn Bigelow‘s Osama Bin Laden movie and Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, along with last year’s True Grit. Lionsgate bid $29.5 million, but Ellison’s Annapurna Films bid higher. *Tension*

Who will control the new Schwarzenegger Terminator? Still waiting to see if Skynet throws in a bid. (Movieline)

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