Barry Levinson isn't too old to get gritty. His horror-thriller The Bay has been picked up by Lionsgate, with no word yet on release dates. The Bay tells the story of a parasite that originally exists in a lake, then fish, then people, carrying with it an untreatable disease. The story will be told using the "found footage" presentation that worked so well for both The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield.

Levinson wrote the screenplay with Michael Wallach, so it's a safe bet that he wouldn't have too much trouble getting this project pushed through, especially considering the low budget of these types of films. Levinson has proven to be scattershot in his project selections over the last decade, and we all hope that that this cinematic release can offset his last two features, Man of the Year, and What Just Happened.

This project was originally shopped as Isopod, but has since been adopted as The Bay, despite what those rascals as IMDB would have you believe. Hopefully this project will find Levinson back in his old form. (THR)