You know that old saying, "If you love Tyler Perry, set him free. And if he comes back, he's yours forever?" Well, he's Lionsgate's forever. Or at least a really, really long time.

After venturing out on his own for I, Alex Cross, gigantor has returned to Lionsgate with an exclusive contract promising two new Madea movies and a whole bunch of other excellent work, including something called We the Peeples, which I can tell from the name is going to be uh-mazing.

Because I'm too forlorn from this news to come up with anything prosaic, here's a list of things we can expect to see Madea doing for years and years and years to come:

  • Ride a bus

  • Put on more "church clothes"

  • Slap a young 'un

  • Provide a quick "info-taining" segment before every screening about what is and isn't appropriate behavior in movie theaters, sparing white theater managers an awkward moment with their patrons

  • Be gassy

  • Gross $150 million domestically and about $0 in Europe

  • Be sassy

  • Offset a significant amount of the progress made by the civil rights movement