Lionsgate Agrees To Keep Making Tyler Perry Movies For A Really, Really Long Time

Thursday, March 31 by

You know that old saying, “If you love Tyler Perry, set him free. And if he comes back, he’s yours forever?” Well, he’s Lionsgate‘s forever. Or at least a really, really long time.

After venturing out on his own for I, Alex Cross, gigantor has returned to Lionsgate with an exclusive contract promising two new Madea movies and a whole bunch of other excellent work, including something called We the Peeples, which I can tell from the name is going to be uh-mazing.

Because I’m too forlorn from this news to come up with anything prosaic, here’s a list of things we can expect to see Madea doing for years and years and years to come:

  • Ride a bus
  • Put on more “church clothes”
  • Slap a young ‘un
  • Provide a quick “info-taining” segment before every screening about what is and isn’t appropriate behavior in movie theaters, sparing white theater managers an awkward moment with their patrons
  • Be gassy
  • Gross $150 million domestically and about $0 in Europe
  • Be sassy
  • Offset a significant amount of the progress made by the civil rights movement


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